WORDS by Klaus Doczekal
photos by daniel bointner

Used as an escape from the world for many individuals, sports sometimes seemed to be my world. As a hobby sports generalist I do this just for me and no one else. Not have to achieve results for anybody gives me the freedom to focus on what I love at the moment. This can be super diverse depending on summer or winter. But mostly my activities connect me with good friends and let us explore amazing places in the nature. Sometimes we collect new memories of already known areas just round the corner. Cycling isn’t my main sport but gives me the feeling of being in the Flow so much. This nice Flow that I sometimes miss out, when trying harder projects in rock climbing, with my belaying partner Daniel. During a pre work sun rise ride on one of our favorite single trails next to my hometown, he froze these moments with his lenses. From time to time there’s equipment of his photo studio in his back pack, but mostly we just enjoy the fictional seeming present.