WORDS by ella
What is sepiia? discover the outstanding innovation of a new era in fashion industry.

Let’s face it, modern times are all about technology. When thinking about our daily routines, we couldn’t imagine a day go by without having to use it. Some might say that this is a good thing and  some others would disagree. However, we are not here to discuss this issue just yet. What is it about technology? It seems to be the natural response to our new innovation system. We use it everywhere and for everything. To find our way around the city, to be in touch with people all around the world, to control our exercise or to be able to work. It really seems like all the big industries are working with technology and embracing it as much as they can. Cooking robots. Fitness centers. Smartphones. Is there any kind of industry left that is not taking this much advantage of technology? Well, you would believe there is none, but somehow there is one huge industry that still has a long way to go when it comes to innovation. And surprisingly enough it’s the fashion industry.  It’s certainly surprising as you may see it as one of the most creative and innovative of all industries, yet somehow, when you go back in time, you can see that the work process and techniques have not really changed. Of course there are many new machines and apps that help us for a faster production, and of course there are some pioneers working on amazing technological designs that blow our minds as soon as they appear on the runway. But somehow, there is still one thing missing here: why aren’t we using technology to create clothes that will really help us in our day to day? We can create the most amazing designs but we are still left with some basic issues such as stains, wrinkles, smells and sweat marks. Well, great news! We might have not noticed at first sight, but there already are some pioneers in this area who have been working on such issues for a long time. They mostly focused on creating fabrics that would resist extreme situations – like firemen and astronauts wear amongst many others. Their goal is to improve every aspect of the fabrics used in the fashion industry, to make our lifes more comfortable in every possible way.

This time, they went a step further thanks to the brilliant mind of Federico Sainz de Robles – a fashion designer who has worked in Textile Technology for a long time and who now brings us the ultimative innovation: SEPIIA Sepiia is a brand of smart clothing produced in Spain in a sustainable way. Their idea is to create garnments from the origin: the fiber. Thus they select the best threads to be able to create their own fabric and give clothes their maximum benefit: no stains, no sweat marks, no smells and no wrinkles. This process is carried out entirely in Spain, and under the highest quality standards, with the support of a great team of technical specialists and suppliers.

Thanks to Sepiia there is a chance for a different kind of fashion, where clothes become more functional and sustainable without leaving design and creativity aside. This could be the  step this industry needed to finally work hand in hand with technology.

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