Eva Solano

illustrating a world full of colors

THE ARCHIVE: Do you remember your first drawing? What was is about?

EVA: Yes, I used to draw a lot of fashion drawings in all of my school notebooks and books, I wanted to become a fashion designer. Thanks to my parents I went to drawing classes from an early age, I enjoyed this the most.

TA: When did you realise you wanted to become an illustrator and why?

E: In 2008 I knew I wanted to take my drawings out of the canvas to use them for special commissioned requests. Most of the times these request lead you to places you never would get to on your own.

TA: What project are you working on now?

E: Right now, I want to continue creating ceramic items, it’s something I started a year ago and I find it fascinating.

TA: What does your creative process look like?

E: Wether it is a commissioned request or a personal project, the process is similar. First of all I do a lot of research and generate an idea to base my work on, so I can start drawing almost compulsively, since this is the only way I have to find solutions. Each one of my drawings leads me to a point, helps me think, and I need to generate a lot of material so I can discard afterwards. During those moments I need to be alone and most of all I need to be really concentrated.

TA: What is the most curious surface on which you have drawn?

E: On a corrugated lock of a greengrocer during winter, it was really tricky to draw there for me.

TA: What are your favorite colors when it comes to drawing and why?

E: Fluor colors and white, when it comes to painting I like to generate spaces and those colors give me an open space feeling.

TA: Do you have any favorite project amongst the ones you have created until now? Tell us about it and why you liked it so much.

E: I loved all the projects I created for Harper’s Bazaar, they let me do the illustrations as I wished and gave me the right amount of time for this. It’s a great work frame and it even has a national run, it’s wonderful.

TA: What is innovation to you?

E: Innovation is the creation of something new and the value that it gets. For me it means not always staying in the same spot, research and generate new shapes.

TA: What is creativity to you?

E: Creativity is an indispensable tool now a days, not only for people related to art, design or investigation to quote a few. It’s a way of facing life. To me, a project or painting is a problem that would be impossible to be solved without creativity.

TA: What does your work place look like?

E: Tidy, luminous, with a lot of material and a lot of paintings and drawings! A place I enjoy spending time in.

TA: What was the best advice someone ever gave you?

E: That I should always enjoy drawing and I intend to do so.

TA: Where would you like to see your illustrations in future?

E: There are two things I would love to do, illustrate something for “The New Yorker” and do prints on fabric.

Find out more about Eva Solano and her work on her website, Facebook and Instagram.