Caroline Mackintosh

the nature of photography

THE ARCHIVE: How did your path towards photography begin?

CAROLINE: I was born and raised in South Africa , as a young child I would go on long expeditions with my family to neighbouring African countries. I was always interested in my dad’s cameras and started playing with them, documenting our trips. Originally I wanted to be a wildlife photographer, but as I grew up and developed my own sense of being I became far more interested in the human form and our juxtaposition in nature. I love photography because it really is such an open-ended medium, a single picture can hold so many different emotions and allows space for interpretation beyond, before and within the moment captured.

TA: Where do you find inspiration?

C: Nature. Uninhabited wild nature and people. Real people who are open and fearless, which I am finding both hard to come across these days. I am  very interested in the human form within its nature, its connectivity and separateness to the natural world, both draw inspiration.

TA: What story do you want to go through your photographs?

C: I am often asked what I’m trying to do or what type of feeling I’m wanting to  create in my work and thats just it I am not trying I am “doing“. It’s instinct. I think when you allow things to occur and form organically, thats when the magic happens. It allows for true emotion and authenticity shine through. My life style as well as how I see and feel about the world emanates through my work. I never try to do something that is contrived. I want my photos to emanate the raw feeling of the subject being photographed, while at the same time hold a sense of sensitivity. I find my work has a dreamscape quality that flits between nostalgic yearning and sensual playfulness. Of blissful purity and unselfconscious freedom.

TA: If you had to describe your work with one song what would that be?

C: N- Iamiwhoami. The song has such a driving force and rawness to it which I really enjoy. It recently inspired a new film I am working on .

TA: What is your most favorite and used photography gear?

C: My Contax T3, I don’t go anywhere without her.

TA: Do You Have a favorite place to shoot?

C: My favorite place to shoot as I have mentioned before is anywhere in wild nature. I jump at any excuse I can find  to venture out into the unknown. I always find myself heading back to my home, Cape Town, the surrounding landscapes are so beautiful and versatile, its really inspiring.

TA: Who would you love to work with and why?

C: I would love to work with/photograph India Salvor Meneuz. She has such a beautiful natural yet at the same time “other worldly” look and I find her intriguing .

TA: What advice would you give someone who wants to shoot film?

C: I recommend finding a second hand  film camera with a built in light meter, minolta or Canon A1 are good to start with. Go play, its beautiful to shoot with a shallow depth of field and don’t worry about shooting in low light, film really holds definition in the shadows and can be quite magical.

TA: What is Fashion to you?

C: Expression of one self through  garments and exterior.

TA: Where do you see yourself shooting in 2017?

C: I will be in Cape Town again in the beginning of the year, but I other than that would love to visit New Zealand and Australia, I have never been and the landscapes look breath taking, almost unreal. I will also be  heading back to both Europe and the States as I usually do. I am working of  a new youth  portrait series  which includes still images and sound so the more different paces I visit  the better.

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