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THE ARCHIVE is an online magazine. We are an international team, working on a semestral magazine that connects design, fashion and art to science. Therefore, our main issues are innovation and sustainability in these sectors, and we present them through articles, interviews and fashion editorials.

We could also say that we are a platform that brings creative people together to look for a way to communicate about important issues with fashion and art aesthetics.

THE ARCHIVE approaches fashion in a different way : we aim to be a time capsule you can collect.

But who is behind this project?

Ella Koppensteiner studied Fashion Design in Madrid, Spain. But this wasn’t her only passion and one day she decided she wanted to find a way to present her whole world in one project : THE ARCHIVE.

 Being passionate about photography, graphic design, fashion and art, and having a background of science, there was no other way for her than to create something that would bring together all these subjects.

Moreover, Ella grew up in different countries with different cultures. This led her to create an international project where she could bring together creative people all over the world. Her aim is to show that fashion isn’t only about trends and beauty but that there is a lot more to it that we can’t see at first. She wants to show another side of fashion through a scientific eye yet with the design and art touch.