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A Wonderful Evening With Fashion Vis A Vis



Vienna, 24th June 2016 – On Friday evening, we had the pleasure to be a part of the first fashion show of the Streetwear brand VIS A VIS, at the Café Z. Famous designers and fashion experts such as Guy Debast and Alexis Fernandez Gonzalez – from Runway Vienna – came to enjoy the trendy streetwear designs from Andrea Kerber live.

The 22 year old designer, presented her latest summer collection along with some fall/winter designs which were specially acclaimed.

Kerber uses again cool and minimal colors such as white, grey and black. Additionally, as a nice highlight, she brought in a turquoise touch. Stylish artificial fur coats with removable sleeves, flowing cloth coats and wonderful oversized trouser suits, are definitely significant components of this laid-back and urban collection.

“I am so thrilled to welcome so many guests to my fashion show!” said the designer from Tyrol delighted. She designs and creates all of the designs herself: “I first have a lot of ideas in my head, then I look for nice fabrics and finally I can’t wait to put the pieces together!”

Moreover, the Café Z offered a wonderful catering service with delightful treats (

You can find all the latest collections of VIS A VIS in their online shop and at Lieblingsbrand.

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Find our more about VIS A VIS:

Thank you for having us and congratulations on such an amazing collection!


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